UTech, Ja Chancellor Urges Graduates to Embrace AI and Lifelong Learning

Mr. Lloyd Carney, Chancellor, University of Technology, Jamaica in his address to the   Graduating Class of 2023, urged graduates to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the future of technology, noting that, “technology changes rapidly and those who don’t get on the train, get life behind.”  Noting that UTech, Ja. is the ideal place to learn the fundamental skills that will allow for easy adaptation to these changes, the Chancellor asserted “it’s never too late because with the education and skills you’ve garnered here, you can engage in whatever technology change comes along.” 

The Chancellor was speaking at the annual Ceremonies for the Presentation of the University of Technology, Jamaica graduates held on Friday, November 17, 2023, and on Saturday, November 18, 2023 at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium, Papine Campus 

Undaunted by torrential rains impacting the island, there were no empty seats as members of government, the diplomatic corps, members of faculty, staff, family and well-wishers came out in full support of the 2023 graduating cohortGraduates of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Joint Colleges of Medicine, Oral Health and Veterinary Sciences, College of Health Sciences and Faculty of Law were presented at the Friday ceremony, while, graduates of the College of Business and Management, Faculty of Science and Sport, Faculty of The Built Environment and Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies were presented at the Saturday ceremony.  

Pointing to the importance of lifelong learning and “keeping skills current, Mr. Carney stated that “time is moving and if you don’t address and improve your skills, you’ll be left behind.”  In this vein he urged graduates to continuously update their skills to remain relevant and up-to-date in a rapidly changing global economy.  While underscoring the significance of forging connections, he shared, “we want to have a lifelong relationship with you so we can help you with this continuous journey of learning. 

Dr. Kevin Brown, President, UTech, Jamaica in his welcome, extended hearty congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2023 on their hard work in reaching the significant milestone despite the “tumultuous” period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges during their course of studyHe expressed, “you worked hard, you surmounted the challenges, and you successfully completed your course of study.”  He also expressed gratitude to the “dream makers” inclusive of lecturers, administrators, family members and friends who supported students along their university journey. 

Noting that Jamaica is counting on the leadership of tertiary graduates to contribute to a growing economy, and to advance Jamaica’s developed country status Vision 2030 goal of becoming a place to, “live, work, raise families and do business.”   Dr. Brown further encouraged the graduates to consider themselves leaders and to create entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves and for othersHe shared, “I am confident that you will use your newly acquired UTech, Jamaica certification to make a valuable contribution to your chosen profession, your community and your country” while urging them to make an impact in the, “goods and services sectors that are growing.” 

In urging graduates to be, “good ambassadors,” of their alma mater, the President also encouraged them to, “maintain a relationship with your university through participation in our Alumni Association and other areas of mutually beneficial collaboration.”  Dr. Brown noted that as UTech, Ja. graduates they will always stand out because of the Core Values instilled in them by the institution.  

Honorary Graduates 

University of Technology, Jamaica President, Dr. Kevin Brown (left) and Chancellor, Lloyd Carney (1st right) and VP & University Registrar Marion Brown (right) pose with Honorary Graduates, Olympian Shericka Jackson and Richard Byles, Governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Richard Byles (centre) following presentation of Honorary Degrees to the nation builders at the institution’s Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, November 18, 2023, held at its Papine Campus. Mr. Byles was conferred with the Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa (Hon. LLD) in recognition of his sterling contribution to Jamaica’s social and economic development, while Olympian Shericka Jackson, OD was conferred with the Doctor of Laws in recognition of her phenomenal achievements in sprinting and her contribution to nation building. 

Dr. Patrick Dallas (centre), ICT and Engineering Process Control expert shares a photo with University of Technology, Jamaica President, Dr. Kevin Brown (left) and Chancellor, Lloyd Carney following his award of the Doctor of Technology Honoris Causa (Hon. DTech) at the University’s GraduationCeremony on November 17, 2023 at its Papine CampusDr. Dallas was conferred with the honorary degree in recognition of his contribution to research in chemical process engineering, ICT convergence, business process integration and the strategic application of STI in national development. 

The University of Technology, Jamaica conferred Honorary Degrees on distinguished Jamaicans Dr. Patrick Dallas, a renowned ICT and Engineering Process Control expert during its ceremony on November 17. Mr. Richard Byles, accomplished corporate leader and current Governor of the Bank of Jamaica and internationally acclaimed Olympian Shericka Jackson, were presented with Honorary degrees during the ceremony on November 18. 

In his response, Dr. Patrick Dallas who was conferred with the Doctor of Technology Honoris Causa, extended gratitude to the University of Technology, Jamaica for bestowing this honourHe noted, “I stand here today with renewed commitment to continue the pursuit of excellence, innovation and the advancement of technology for the betterment of society.”   

Shericka Jackson, in thanking the university shared, “today marks a special time in my life and I am delighted and grateful to be conferred with the Honorary Doctor of Laws degree by this great institution.” She asserted that UTech occupies a special place in my heart as it has been my home away from home for the past ten years.”   

In his acceptance, Mr. Byles remarked that, “this auspicious honour reflects the importance that the University of Technology, Jamaica places on the contribution of prudent economic management, and successful private sector leadership, to the building of a sustainably successful Jamaica. 


The Valedictorians were First Class Honours graduates Jason Baker (right), Bachelor of Laws, Faculty of Law and Tajai Thomas (left), Bachelor of Business Administration, College of Business and Management. 

In his address on Friday, November 17, Baker acknowledged the university for its continued support to students through the Welfare and Scholarship Department, the Earn and Study Programme and the UTech, Ja. 60th Anniversary Scholarship that allowed many students including him, to pursue their dreams. He encouraged his fellow graduates to “stand ready to take on not just Jamaica or the Caribbean, but I dare say the entire world. Go and make your mark! Go and be the best versions of yourselves!" he counseled. 

Thomas, in his valedictory address, commended his graduating colleagues for rising above the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to have successfully completed their degreesHe challenged them as UTech, Ja. Knights “to carry the spirit of innovation, resilience, and collaboration into your respective fields. 

Overcoming Challenges 


Sashagaye Thompson, UTech, Jamaica graduate of the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies is presented with her B. ED TVET in Business and Computer Studies degree by Chancellor, Mr. Lloyd Carney during the University's Graduation ceremony on Saturday, November 18, 2023 at the Alfred Sangster Auditorium, Papine Campus.  

Sashagaye Thompson, UTech, Ja. graduate who earned the Bachelor of Education in Technical, Vocational Education and Training specializing in Business and Computer Studies was defiant in overcoming the challenges of physical disability and reliance on a wheelchair after she met in an accident. The resilient graduate explains that this unexpected turn of events significantly impacted her daily life and presented her with unique obstacles to overcome.   

Throughout her academic journey, she shared that she faced discrimination, encountered numerous accessibility challenges, and struggled with financial constraints. She notes, “these challenges sometimes led to moments when I felt like giving up or losing sight of my academic ambitions.” However, she emphasized that her unwavering determination and the support of her mother helped her to overcome these difficulties, “to pursue a brighter future for both myself and my family.” 

Edward Seaga Award 

Chancellor, University of Technology, Jamaica, Mr. Lloyd Carney (2nd right) presents high achiever, Chantelle Britton with the Edward Seaga Award during the university’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at the Papine Campus. Joining in the presentation of the award are Dr. Kevin, President and Miss Marion Brown, Vice President and University RegistrarThe prestigious UTech, Jamaica Edward Seaga Award was established in 2019 by the University’s Academic Borad in honour of the institution’s second chancellor and former Prime Minister, The Most Honourable Edward Seaga ON, PCThe award is presented at the annual congregation of graduates to the undergraduate student with the highest GPA among the graduating undergraduate cohortChantelle Britton, who graduated with a BSc. degree in Actuarial Science became the fifth recipient of the academic award after attaining the highest overall GPA of 4.03) for academic year 2022/2023. 

President’s Pins Awardees 

The University of Technology, Jamaica recognizes the academic success of its students in various waysOne such is by listing on the President’s Honour Roll those students from the graduating class who have achieved the most outstanding academic performance. 

To be eligible, a student must attain a minimum GPA of 3.80.  The general criteria stipulate, in addition, that students must be in good standing with the University and must have completed 12 credits per semester including the summer session. 

This year, the following students have met the requirements for the President’s Honour Roll: 

College of Health Sciences 

  • *Kelsey Bryan
    *Azaria Wray
    *Sha-Ann Thomas
    *Chamoya Meggie-Gayle
    *Dana McGregor
    *Kereisha Smith Morris
    *Tiffany Morris
    *Ashley Maxwell
    *Brittania Brandford
    *Trichell Banton- Blake
    *Brianna Stone
    *Monique Boothe
    *Trisha Goodlitt
    *Shashoy Jones-Daley
    *Sarah Nelson

Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies 

  • *Suen Chang 

Faculty of Engineering and Computing 

  • *Garciann Mairs
    *Shemone Wright

Faculty of Science and Sport 

  • *Reshma Anderson
    *Chantelle Britton
    *Keresh Hall

Faculty of Law 

  • *Jason Baker
    *Natalie McKenzie
    *Sudan Peters

Dr. Kevin Brown, President, presented the President’s Pin to beaming high achievers. 

College of Health Sciences 

Joint Colleges of Medicine, Oral Health and Veterinary Sciences 

Faculty of Law 

Doctoral Graduates

Deputy President, Prof. Colin Gyles (left), President, Dr. Kevin Brown (2nd left) and Vice President and University Registrar, Miss Marion Brown (right) sharing a photo with new UTech, Jamaica graduates and holders of the Post-Baccalaureate Doctor of Pharmacy during the university’s graduation ceremony on Friday, November 17, 2023The graduates (from left to right) are Shandia Frazer-Neely, Lakeisha Hepburn and Deidra-Kaye Henry-McKoy from the College of Health Sciences. 

New UTech, Jamaica post-graduates Derron Davidson and Monica Porter-Lewis were respectively awarded with the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Leadership and Management and Doctor of Philosophy in Career and Technical Education Family and Consumer Studies during the University of Technology, Jamaica’s Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at the Papine Campus. Sharing a photo with the successful graduates (l-r) are Professor Haldane Johnson, Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning, Dr. Kevin Brown, President, Miss Marion Brown, Vice President and Registrar, Mr. Lloyd Carney, Chancellor and Professor Shermaine Barrett, Dean, Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies. 

The UTech, Ja. Choir performs “Champion” by Keznamdi.in tribute to the graduates. 

The surprise release of blue and gold confetti representing the university’s brand colours, signaled the end of each ceremony, much to the delight of the graduates in their moment of celebration. 


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