Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies

June 1 -3, 2021

4th International Conference on Education and Humanities

"Revisioning, Retooling and Repositioning: Building Capacity in Developing Economies"

About the Conference

A unique opportunity to share, learn and network

Capacity building as a concept is the process of expanding the skills, processes, resources and abilities that individuals, communities, organizations and nations have at their disposal. The goal is to ensure survival, adaptation, sustainability and prosperity in a fast-paced and fast-changing world. Since 2000, the world has had to grapple with more intense and newer provocations. Climate change, national security threats, deepening inequalities, poverty, and government corruption are just some of the challenges that often overwhelm already vulnerable nations.

However, opportunities abound as well. Entrepreneurship, science, education, and technology are some areas through which solutions to these challenges can be forged. Critical discussions are needed to help developing societies to revision, retool and reposition themselves to tackle both present and future challenges. 

Aims of the Conference
This conference aims to provide a platform for exploration of ideas, best practices, research and teaching imperatives to ensure that developing economies can gain autonomy as the third decade begins. Additionally, the conference will allow for discussions on what needs to be done to move developing economies further towards their developmental goals.  

The conference will bring together researchers, practitioners, educators, and students from diverse disciplines to share their research, ideas, and practical experiences on the emerging challenges and opportunities.

Conference Objectives
The specific objectives of the conference are to:

  • provide opportunities for building research networks and promote multi-disciplinary research,
  • highlight the socio-economic and cultural implications of repositioning ourselves in the global marketplace, and 
  • inform policy and decision making.