Caribbean Sustainable Energy & Innovation Institute

Education and Public Outreach

The Institute provides training and development in a number of areas related to sustainable energy, Climate Change, Innovation and Green Business development. The Master of Science in Sustainable Energy and Climate is our flagship course and was conceived out of the need to create an equipped and capable work force to readily deal with climate change impacts and sustainable energy systems in an effort towards addressing local and global sustainable development issues. The course is currently offered by the CSEII through the Faculty of the Built Environment. Short courses, workshops and seminars are done based on market demand for professional continuation studies. CSEII participates in continuous capacity building activities, complementing our outreach which is channelled mainly through the University's Community Service Programme, the hosting of exhibitions and public lectures.

We focus on 4 pillars

Research, Development & Innovation
Special Projects & Consultancies
Education & Public Outreach
University Cost Savings