Due to the increased demand for transcripts and statements, the University has had to shift the waiting period from ten to fifteen working days. As soon as we are able to rectify the challenges, we will revert to our normal mode of operations. The University of Technology, Jamaica thanks you for your understanding as we seek to serve you better.

Please note that World Education Services (WES) has advised the Student Records Office (SRO) that effective March 30, 2023, hard copies of Academic records (Transcript, Status Letter etc.) are no longer required, thus applicants requesting documents to be sent to WES should choose "To Be Collected" as their Dispatch Method.

If you have any questions, please follow the Notifications Page, and feel free to contact us at digitalinquiries@wes.org.
World Education Services



1 United States of America 9,000
2 Caribbean 10,000
3 Canada 11,500
4 Latin (South)America (Argentina, Brazil, etc) 12,000
5 United Kingdom [England,Wales, Scotland, Ireland] 12,500
6 Europe 12,500
7 Rest of the World 14,000
8Jamaica 6,000

Please Note:

  1. DHL (courier service) cannot deliver to P.O. Box addresses.
  2. At least one (1) telephone number is required for the organization / individual receiving the document.

Prices reflected above will be effective : February 26, 2024


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