Voices Magazine Vol3-Issue 1

31 April - June 2019 | VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica The mix of further tributes remembered the many sides of Mr Henry as the consummate professional, the reliable team-player, the labour rights advocate, the straight-talker and the man with the wry smile and dry humour. “UTech, Jamaica has lost a giant leader – small in stature but large in life and influence,” noted Mrs Michelle Beckford, Corporate C o m m u n i c a t i o n s Manager, who recalled many pleasant interactions with Mr. Henry over 15 years at UTech, Jamaica and the professional manner in which he conducted himself at all times. She expressed admiration for the precision with which he chaired annual planning meetings of the University’s Research, Technology and Innovation Day (RTID) and his meticulous nature in executing the many projects and initiatives at the University which he capably led with distinction. Similar expressions were also shared by Dr. Andrew Lamm, Director, Centre for Science- based Research, Entrepreneurship and Continuing Studies who noted Mr Henry’s proclivity for always giving a listening ear and words of praise and encouragement to colleagues. In her tribute on behalf of the UTech, Jamaica Press, Dr. Kamilah Hylton, Dean, Faculty of Science and Sport remembered “Sir Martin” for his thorough and detailed approach from the outset in managing every detail that was contemplated in establishing the Press which was launched on February 1, 2018. “Within a few weeks of our being engaged, Martin had sent out a long list of things including establishing contracts, executing reviews, vetting publishing assistants, handling Press queries, securing editors, compositors, shippers, establishing guidelines for the operation of the Press,” among other details, she noted. Also eulogising Martin Henry was Mr Nigel Cooper, Head, Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership and chairman of the COBAM Consultancy Unit who expressed a debt of gratitude to Mr Henry for his skill in vetting consultancy documents and negotiating and operationalizing contracts for the University. Committed to Research and Publications Professor Cynthia Oney- fulu, Faculty of Educa- tion and Liberal Studies offered tribute on behalf of the Journal of Arts, Science and Technol- ogy (JAST) team. She praised Martin Henry for his visionary leadership and his commitment to research and publications. “Because of Mr. Henry to- day we have a peer-reviewed journal that has an inter- national readership and the quality of the journal today was due to his professionalism and commitment.” “The Cool Operator” Dr Winsome Russell, Associate Vice President, Qual- ity Assurance recounted fond memories of shar- ing office space and thought-provoking con- versations with Mr Henry, “the cool operator.” To much laughter from the gathering, she recalled being alerted by his pres- ence in the building only by the sound of his pleasant whistling, usually on his way to the lunch room. “Mr Henry was a very quiet person,” she said, adding that “he was disciplined, a calm personality, fair humble and caring.” Dr. Russell spoke also of his consistent punctuality for meetings and events and the pride with which he completed and delivered assignments in the calmest way, ahead of schedule. Members of staff from the Academic Affairs building shared their heartfelt memories of Mr Henry in an emotionally stirring video tribute – Miss Tashoya Streete, Miss Sally Carter, Miss Grace-Ann Black, Miss Shaneeka Campbell, Dr. Paul Ivey from SGSRE and Miss Stacy-Ann Walker all attested to his deep faith in God, his mentorship and guidance to the team, his integrity, compassionate and hard- working demeanour and his consistent respect for all persons irrespective of title or age. Miss Streete who worked closely with Mr Henry since 2007 expressed gratitude to him for her professional development and his mentorship. The team also fondly remembered their cherished January birthday celebrations with Mr Henry, hiking trips and other moments of shared camaraderie. Pastor Holland Thomp- son, University Chaplain who offered prayers noted that “Jamaica has lost a brilliant star from its galaxy.” He also paid tribute on behalf of the East Jamaica Confer- ence of Seventh-day Adventists and remem- bered Martin Henry as a faithful servant of Guava Gap Adventist Church where he served as an Elder. Tributes in song and praise from Miss Dahlia Miller, Ms Lena Davis and Professor Colin Gyles accompanied by musician Mr. Greg-Louis Austin, Quality Assurance Officer, served to comfort all. (l-r) Miss Dahlia Miller, Administrative Support, FELS, Ms Lena Davis, Lecturer, School of Business Administration and Professor Colin Gyles, Deputy President pay tribute to Mr. Henry in their stirring renditions of “Going Up Yonder,” “I Am Persuaded That God Will See Me Through” and “The Holy City,” respectively. Mr Henry’s widow, Mrs. Jacqueline Garvey-Henry was gracious in her appreciative remarks to the University Community. She shared that “Martin loved UTech and he really wanted to be here.” She thanked the University for organising the memorial service and for the outpouring of support in prayers and telephone calls and the assurance given by the President that the UTech, Jamaica community will continue to be there for the family. Mrs. Michelle Beckford Dr. Andrew Lamm Dr Kamilah Hylton Professor Cynthia Oneyfulu Dr. Winsome Russell Rev. Holland Thompson Mrs. Jacqueline Garvey-Henry Cont’d from page 30... Sincere Condolences Mr Nigel Cooper