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August - September 2017

| VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica


r. Martin Schade is Associate Professor, Faculty

of Education and Liberal Studies. He has been a

member of faculty since the year 2000. Since

2015 he has also served as Faculty Graduate Studies

Coordinator and has served as University Coordinator

of the Community Service Programme (CSP) from

2008 – 2013, among other service roles in the Faculty,

the University and the wider society.

His teaching experience and areas of specialization

are in Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics, Philosophy,


Religions, Human Sexuality, Ethics in Architecture and

Sociology. Dr. Schade previously taught at the St.

Michael’s Theological College, University of the West

Indies, Instituto de Estudios Religiosos (Maria Reina)

in Cuba and the Harvard University Divinity School,

Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.

Dr. Schade holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the

University of the West Indies; the MA in Philosophy

from Boston College, USA; a BA in Psychology/Philosophy and certificate in Education, both from Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA. Dr. Schade has

given numerous public lectures in his areas of research and expertise. He is the author of the book, Incarnation: The Harmony of One Love in the Totality

of Reality published by the University Press of America, May 2016. “Incarnation offers an understanding of the Self with ethical and cultural applications

which are presented in the material-supernatural existential of music and dance found in the Riddim of Creation.”

Dr. Schade received the University of Technology, Jamaica President’s Award for Community Service in 2012 and 2015.

Dr. Martin Schade


r. Marcia Williams is the Programme Director for the



Pharmaceutical Technology course of study and a Senior Lecturer

in the College of Health Sciences. Her research interests include

dosage form design and her focus is in the formulation of naturally derived

pharmaceuticals, to get them into the market in an acceptable form. Her

research interest is focused on improving the bioavailability of lipid-soluble

drugs, mainly through the process of Hot-Melt extrusion and physicochemical

characterization of raw materials and finished products. Her publication

includes articles in peer reviewed journals. She has done oral and poster

presentations at various local and international conferences.

She played the lead role in the development of the


. Pharmaceutical

Technology course of study and was recently successful in a grant

application for needed equipment for the College. The value of equipment

and consumables under the grant from Seeding Labs, an organization which

supports research institutions in developing countries, is approximately

US$175, 350.

Dr. Williams is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical

Scientists, the UK and Ireland Release Society and other professional

organizations. A pharmacist by profession, she serves on the executive body

of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica, where she is the Chair of the

Research Committee. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (1st Class),

an M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Toledo, Ohio,

USA, a PhD degree from Queen’s University, Belfast and a Post Graduate

Diploma in Education from UTech, Jamaica.

Dr. Marcia Williams poses with equipment and supplies received

from Seeding Labs, USA.

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