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VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

August - September 2017


…with Ready Boards designed by Engineering Students


ommunities in Jamaica that are still without electricity and are unable

to accommodate traditional electrical wiring have had their hopes

illuminated thanks to the work of twenty students from the School of

Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, University of Technology,


Second to fourth year engineering students under the supervision of faculty

members have designed and built a power supply source dubbed Ready Board

- 326 of which were installed on the Jamaica Public Service Company’s (JPS)

power grid in May 2017 to provide legal electrical connections for about 400

residents of the Majesty Gardens community, St. Andrew.

The Ready Boards comprise a breaker, bulb, a switch, and a socket will allow

for legal connections. The materials used to construct the Ready Boards were

supplied by JPS.

JPS/JSIF Agreement

The School of Engineering entered into an agreement in July 2015 with the

JPS and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) for the creation of 400

Ready Boards. The proposal was introduced to a few academic institutions

and in 2015, UTech, Jamaica accepted this proposal, which was presented

through Dr. Noel Brown, Head, School of Engineering.

The student-centred Ready Boards project was spearheaded by Lecturer,

Electrical Programmes, Dr. Andrew Isaacs. Dr. Isaacs recruited the group of

talented students who worked on building the devices between October and

December 2016.

School of Engineering students working diligently with materials to construct 400

electrical power supply Ready Boards. From left are Wardlan Borah, Sheveena

Haye and Jeremy Mcray.

UTech, Ja Brings Light to Majesty Gardens Community

Students from the School of Engineering who worked on building the Ready Boards take a break from

work for a photograph.

Completed Ready Boards, ready for delivery.