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August - September 2017

| VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica

“I believe in tradition and UTech is actually amazing with Medical Technology. Not only that but I love

the spirit, the whole getting together as a group. It just makes me feel welcome.

My expectation of my school is that I am supposed to leave here with my Bachelor’s Degree and

I am supposed to make a name for myself in this institution as well as being able to have enough

networking with others to amplify myself in the work world.”


Sakilia Holton

High School Attended:

Mount Alvernia High School

Programme of Study:

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology


College of Health Sciences

“This university offers the programme that I am interested in.

I expect a lot of work and I am ready for it. I am anxious for it and I want to get it done as quickly as

possible and to the best of my abilities. I also expect to interact with persons across the country and

across the region. I am looking out for new experiences.”


Bryce Grant

High School Attended:

Cornwall College

Programme of Study:

Bachelor of Science in Environmental

Health- Major in Public Health Inspection


Joint Colleges of Medicine, Oral Health

and Veterinary Sciences

“At first, I was a bit sceptical about coming to UTech, because technology was not one of my strong

suits in high school. However, I choose UTech because I would like to have a broader degree, than

what I would be able to get at other places. I am ready to study here and to get a programme and a

degree that’s work ready, that I can get into the work world and have a job immediately and make as

much money as I can.”


Kristal Williams

High School Attended:

St. Andrew High School (for Girls)

Programme of Study:

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Technology


Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies

“I chose UTech because my role model who is my cousin came here and she did law. She did very

well and I wanted to follow in her footsteps, so I did the same thing.

I expect to pass all my courses in the three years and not pay to repeat. I would like a straight A

profile with a 4.0 GPA hopefully. I plan to socialize more, make new friends, and participate in clubs

and extracurricular activities. I hope to excel in everything I do.”


Renee Reid

High School Attended:

Alpha Academy and Immaculate Conception High School

Programme of Study:

Bachelor of Law


Faculty of Law