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VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

August - September 2017


“UTech is one of the top institutions in the island for practical experience in any course and it is a

very welcoming, calm atmosphere with friendly people.

My expectation is to become a more informed individual, well rounded and involved in what I can

become involved in. I expect to evolve.”


Andre Taylor

High School Attended:

St. Jago High School

Programme of Study:

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management


College of Business and Management

During Orientation Week in August 2017, new students were

asked “Why did you choose UTech, Jamaica to pursue tertiary

studies and what are your expectations?”

Read their responses below.

“I like the hands-on experience at UTech. My sister studied here. I have always loved the idea of

attending UTech - no other university.

I expect the best learning experience. I expect that when I graduate at the end of my four years, I

should be ready for the work world.”


Jadetta Duncan

High School Attended:

Immaculate Conception High and St. Jago High School

Course of Study:

Bachelor of Science in Computing


Faculty of Engineering and Computing

“UTech has been offering my programme for a number of years and UWI just started. So I would

have been the second batch at UWI and I would be a part of the umpteenth batch at UTech.

That means that you guys know what you’re doing, in terms of pharmacy and you’re cheaper.

My expectations. I think that I will be able to share my talents here, I think it is a place that is

open to new ideas and I also think that I will be able to learn and grow and experience new

things and I hope that I will be able to become a more rounded person here.”


Antwan Nelson Martin Marshall

High School Attended:

Cornwall College

Programme of Study:

Bachelor of Pharmacy


College of Health Sciences