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VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

April 2017


UTech, Jamaica and PCJ Forge $5M Partnership

for Capacity Building in Engineering and

Renewable Energy Research


he University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech, Ja.) and the Petroleum

Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 signed

a partnership agreement to facilitate capacity building in engineering

and renewable energy through student led research in the University’s

School of Engineering (SOE). The Partnership Agreement was signed by

President, UTech, Jamaica, Prof. Stephen Vasciannie, CD and PCJ Group

General Manager, Mr. Winston Watson, witnessed by Chairman, Mr Russell

Hadeed and Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon.Andrew

Wheatley, MP at a ceremony held at the PCJ Building, New Kingston.

Under the agreement the PCJ will provide $1M in grant funding for the

execution of research projects by UTech, Jamaica students under the

guidance of Faculty from the School of Engineering. The PCJ also

announced the Renewable Energy Scholarship valued at approximately

$4M to be awarded to a UTech, Jamaica student pursuing a Master of

Science degree in the School of Engineering.

Under the research initiative, at least four projects will be formulated and

carried out each year by selected students in areas that have a direct

impact on the PCJ’s mandate. These will explore practical applications in

areas such as solar energy, biomass and biofuels. Upon completion of the

projects, the reports, data and other relevant information gathered through

the research process will be submitted to the PCJ for consideration for


Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Prof. Nilza Aples and

Head, School of Engineering, Dr. Noel Brown were instrumental in forging

the University’s link with the PCF, and will guide the implementation of the


In endorsing the UTech, Ja/PCJ partnership, Minister Wheatley lauded the

collaboration as being “commendable and practical,” emphasising that

“every country that is serious about development as we are, is now involved

in the nation-building-twin-task of reducing energy cost and Green House

Gas or Co2 emissions.

PCJ Group General Manager, Mr Winston Watson, Chairman, Mr Russell

Hadeed and Prof. Stephen Vasciannie all noted the importance of

partnership efforts in promoting national development and a culture of

advanced technology in Jamaica.

Capacity Building: (From left), Mr Russell Hadeed, Chairman, PCJ, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley, MP, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Prof.

Stephen Vasciannie, CD, President, University of Technology, Jamaica and Mr. Winston Watson, Group General Manager, PCJ pose with copies of the

Partnership Agreement signed between the two organisations at a special ceremony held at the PCJ Building on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.