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April 2017

| VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica


Computer Render Farm Optimising Students’ Design Work in CSA:

Ms. Denice Ramharrack, Lecturer,

Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA) making a presentation on “3D Visualization: Render Farm for Caribbean

School of Architecture.” The presentation which was done along with Mr Brian Williams, graduate and lecturer,

CSA, shared findings of a survey conducted by the Design Computing lecturers in the CSA. It was found that

99.9% of CSA students use 3D modelling ( processed as computer renderings) to represent their ideas and

designs in Design Studio, which requires the use of high-end computing processing power to render these


Case Study on Attitudes toward paying Property Taxes:

Mrs. Rochelle Channer-Miller, Lecturer, Faculty of The Built Environment presents findings of the research titled,

“Towards Property Tax Compliance: A Case Study of Attitudes Toward Paying Property Taxes in Jamaica.” The lead

researcher on the project explained that the objective of the case study was to investigate compliance through the

lens of the taxpayer, to examine tax administration from the tax administrator’s perspective and to develop policy

recommendations based on insights gained.

Wireless Communications and its Effect on Health:

Mr Christopher Udeagha, Lecturer, School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) presents his research

on Wireless Communications and its Health Effects. His study reviewed the state of wireless communication and

mobile technologies and the potential for health issues arising from exposure to radiations from electromagnetic

forces and emissions.

7. Child Road Fatalities & Injury: An Analysis of the Jamaican Road Users’

Behaviour Patterns and their Impact on Child Safety

Mrs. Rachelle McFarlane, FELS

8. Formulation and In Vitro Studies of a Fixed-Dose Combination

Antihypertensive Capsule

Ms. Nickania Pryce, COHS

9. The Removal of Charges for Health Services in the Jamaican Public

Health System: Impact on Health Services Utilization

Dr. Adella Campbell, COHS

10. Climate Change: Impact on Health

Professor Homero Silva-Serrano, SPHHT

11. Wireless Communications and Its Health Effects

Mr. Christopher Udeagha, FENC

12. DOCTOR ON CALL: Universal Access to Medical Care for all Students,

Staff and the Population at Large Anywhere and At Any Time , At A Cost

They Can Afford

Professor Winston Davidson, SPHHT

13. Ultrasonic Determination of Third Order Elastic Constants for

Monitoring Damage Accumulation

Dr. Dave D. Muir, FENC

14. Should Jamaica Repeal the Buggery Law?

Mr. Linton Gordon, FOL

15. Does Gender Matter? Impact of Women in Corporate Board Structure

Dr. Locksley Henry, COBAM

16. The Role of Science Education and Technological Development: A

Foundation for Sustainable Development for the Caribbean Region

Dr. Andrea Barrett, COBAM

A Speaker’s Forum session... cont’d from page 26

Medicinal Plants for Sustainable Development:

Dr. Denise Daley, Pharmacognosist and Programme Director, College of Health Sciences had the rapt attention of

the audience as she made her presentation on “Jamaica’s Treasure: Using Our Medicinal Plans for Sustainable

Development. Dr Daley highlighted the benefits of Jamaica’s medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera, Moringa Oleifera

(Moringa, Morinda Citrifolia (noni), Petiveria Alliacea (Anamu) and Azadirachta Indica (Neem) as a viable option

for sustainable economic growth. She pointed out that most medicinal plants come from the Tropics, with

approximately 25% of today’s prescription drugs coming from plant extracts.

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