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VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

April 2017


CSA Study Tour in Guadeloupe


wenty-seven third year students from the Caribbean School of

Architecture (CSA) in the Faculty of The Built Environment participated

in a study tour of Point-à-Pitre, Guadelope from January 26 – February

7, 2017. The two-week study tour of the city of art, history and culture

enabled the students to gain first hand perspective on the architectural

history of Point-à-Pitre.

The students in their report noted that “from an academic standpoint, the

opportunity of a study tour gave us different perspectives on architecture,

synthesizing tangible observations of the development, shape, urban

character, urban fabric and civic imagination of Pointe-a-Pitre as a reflection

of its inhabitants.”

Each day started with a walk through the city of Point-à-Pitre sketching

interesting aspects of the architecture. The students were divided into

groups to examine the landmarks of the city, pathways, nodes, edges,

architectural elements, etc. The information was documented through

sketching perspectives, sections and floor plans to comprehensively

articulate how people interact with their built environment.

“With major landmarks as the primary focus, the city was examined in

quadrants by teams that identified the street fabric, building setbacks,

typologies present, and pathway intersections. The findings were presented

at the end of the day to our lecturers who discussed with us how to

interpolate the information by recognizing how people use spaces and

what qualities created the atmosphere for transition or pause. We were also

urged to understand the cultural narrative which showed the birth of the city

and its evolution,” the students reported.

The study tour is central to the curriculum employed in the Bachelor of

Arts Degree in Architectural Studies. On their return to the University, the

students were required to make a presentation of their findings. Their

presentations form the basis for their studio decisions during the rest of

the semester. Each student was required to design an intervention on a

designated site in Pointe-à-Pitre.

The students were accompanied on the CSA study tour by Mr. Franz-Joseph

Repole and Mr Alfred Shaw, part-time Lecturers, Architecture.



year CSA student, Madison Powell explains the model of Pointe-à-Pitre that formed part of the students’ presentation following the study

tour of Guadeloupe. Listening intently are His Excellence Jean-Michel Despax (centre) French Ambassador to Jamaica and Prof. Stephen

Vasciannie, President, CD, President.