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VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

February 2017



iss Sophia McIntosh was

appointed Coordinator,Western

Campus, UTech Jamaica

with effect from January 3, 2017

to December 31, 2018. Her vision

for the University of Technology,

Jamaica - Western Campus is to be

the University of choice, pioneering

adaptive multi-disciplinary education

and training for lifelong learning,

geared towards the needs of a

dynamic environment. This vision

will be accomplished by focusing on a five-pronged strategy; namely:

1. To create a strong customer culture that delivers impeccable service

to students, staff and other stakeholders

2. To create a culture of research to support decision making and

enhance managerial effectiveness

3. To strengthen communication with external stakeholders and build

strategic alliances

4. To ensure the optimal development of students and staff

5. To improve the University’s economic base

With almost 15 years of experience in Education Leadership, Human

Resource Management, Marketing and Banking and Finance, Sophia

McIntosh is an expert in business process management. She has held key

positions in Education, including Programme Director, School of Business

Administration, UTech, Ja. and Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee at

the Montego Bay Community College. During her tenure as Programme

Director at UTech, Jamaica Western Campus, she has increased enrolment

for the school during the period 2015-2016, stabilized the academic staffing

for the programme and implemented and streamlined quality assurance


This new role also allowed her to sharpen her Human Resource Management

and Marketing skills by facilitating training and augmenting the Public

Relations and Marketing Portfolio of UTech, Jamaica Western Campus.

Under her leadership the school initiated new partnerships and synergies

with other Universities, private and public entities such as The Association

of Western Jamaica Tertiary Institution.

Prior to UTech, Jamaica Ms. McIntosh taught at Montego Bay Community

College and B& B University College (Approved Learning Partner, Heriot-

Watt University- Edinburgh Business School). She also worked at COK

Sodality Cooperative Credit Union as Regional Marketing Officer where she

utilized her marketing expertise in relationship–building and represented

the company in different fora at the highest level.

Ms. McIntosh is a certified Financial Advisor. She holds a


in Tourism

Management, an MBA in International Business, both attained at the

University of The West Indies and a Diploma in Education and Training from

Vocational Training Institute (VTDI).

Ms. McIntosh is the current Secretary of Western Knights Toastmasters

Club. She served the club in the capacity of Vice President, Public Relations.

She is also a member of Kiwanis Club of Providence and an active member

of The Young Adults Action Movement at St. Paul’s United Church.

Sophia McIntosh Appointed

Coordinator, Western Campus,

UTech, Jamaica

Mrs. Young has worked through the Jacks Hill Karate Club to train over

two hundred boys and girls, giving them a safe environment in which to

learn martial arts, while developing discipline and other personal skills.

Dr. Purchas-Tulloch, who is affiliated with the Jamaica Capital Project

for Dispute Resolution, volunteers at schools in underserved rural

communities and spearheads a mentoring group comprising twelve

university students. Mr. Millington organises outreach activities for the

most socially vulnerable. Among the initiatives in which he has been

involved, are visits to old age homes and hospices for people living with

HIV and AIDS. He has also raised funds to provide health care to children

in the Seaview Gardens community of St. Andrew. Mr. Mills has been

engaged in community development work with L.E.A.P. Centre and the


Mr. Sydney Henry received his award for advocating for housing and

sanitation for vulnerable members of the Moneague community in

St. Ann. Mr. Leon Malcolm, a student at UTech, Jamaica, received

a certificate for community outreach to the youth of Savanna-La-

Mar, Kingston and the UTech, Jamaica student body. The University

recognised the Song Embassy for providing music education service in

the Hope Tavern community of Papine.

“I am because we all are”

Prof. Rosalea Hamilton

, Vice President, Community Service and

Development, UTech, Jamaica and Project Director, Fi Wi Jamaica

Project in her welcome, affirmed the simple essence of the South African

concept of “Ubuntu” - “I am because we all are.” Noting that we are all

interconnected by our humanity, Prof. Hamilton shared that “there exists

a common bond between us all as human beings, that is the essence

of our humanity.” Pointing to the imperative for the guiding principle of

the spirit of Ubuntu in today’s global reality of inequalities, rising social

tensions and other challenges across the world, Prof. Hamilton called

for everyone to play a part in creating a more harmonious environment.

“A world where we treat others as ourselves…focus on the goodness

of others and not their imperfections, a world where we truly love each

other as human beings regardless of race, colour, class, disabilities,

political affiliation or sexual orientation,” she said to approving nods and

applause from the large audience of educators, community activists,

representatives from government, the diplomatic corps and students.

Deputy President,

Prof. Colin Gyles

who brought greetings on behalf

of President

Prof. Stephen Vasciannie

, told the gathering that

“UTech, Jamaica takes our service and outreach obligation seriously

– it represents an important dimension of UTech, Jamaica’s pillars of

teaching, research and outreach. So we are happy to be playing our

part through the FiWi Jamaica Project and other service and outreach

initiatives in instilling the positive values that will influence a cultural

ethos that values and protects the humanity of each other.” Prof. Gyles

underscored that this ethos is entrenched in the UTech, Jamaica Core

Values of

Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service Excellence,



Team Spirit


Responding of behalf of the awardees, Mrs. Linnette Vassell thanked the

University and the Fi Wi Jamaica Project for the recognition received,

noting that awards have inspired them to renew their vision and

commitment to the building of a better Jamaica.

UTech Jamaica in the Community

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