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VOICES Bi-Monthly Magazine of the University of Technology, Jamaica |

February 2017



“UTech, Jamaica to Me”

“Prof. Vasciannie is a cool person and he is very funny. He seems very

serious about UTech, Jamaica and I like him for that. The things I like

about being a student at UTech, Jamaica is that I learn and it is close to

my home. When I just came to this Institution, I was not much of an

“Academic Star”. However, being in my second year, I feel that I have learnt

more since I have been here. I also like the lecturers and the friends I have

met so far.”

McShane Campbell, Year 2

BSc Communication Arts & Technology (BCAT)

Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies

In a vox pop on Wednesday, February 8, students on the

Papine campus were asked the following two questions.

What do you think of our new President? and What do you like

about being a student at UTech, Jamaica?

Read on to see their responses.

“Where the new President is concerned, I really don’t know him and I don’t

see him as much. The only time I see him is really when we are having

forums and nobody goes to those forums. I am honoured to be a UTech,

Jamaica student. I have always wanted to come to UTech and I am living my

dreams so big ups to UTech.”

Dyandra Tulloch, Year 3

BSc Communication Arts & Technology (BCAT), Year 2

Faculty of Education & Liberal Studies

“I didn’t know we had a new President, I thought Professor Colin

Gyles was still the President. I didn’t know that it changed. I like the

fact that there are a lot of options for food. I like my teachers because

they go above and beyond (I am in animations). I like how friendly

some of the students are because sometimes we can’t get notes and

they are like, “I got you”. Those are my top three things.”

Anthony Hibbert, Year 2

School of Computing & Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering & Computing

“I think that he has some great ideas to develop the institution better and

going forward, I believe that he will put some plans into actions. I like

being a student at UTech, it gets me closer to accomplishing my goals.”

Moniefa McDonald, Year 1

School of Business Administration,

College of Business and Management