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Step 13

: On the homepage go to “In-tray’

Step 13a:

Click on the message which states,

Click here to enrol

Step 14:

Complete all

10 steps

of the process as instructed in the


Step 15:

After completing the steps click on

‘I Agree’

to accept

the University’s regulations and policies.

You have successfully completed all your online enrolment steps.

Step 16:

To print a personalized timetable, go to Student page.

Step 17:

Proceed to the Department of Safety and Security,

located on the ground floor of the main administration

building at the Papine Campus to process your

identification card or at the Campus nearest you.

Step 18:

Proceed to the Medical Centre to submit your completed

medical form or to make arrangements for the medical

to be completed by the UTech Practitioner at the

Papine Campus. Students can also visit the Western

Campus Office to submit their completed medical


Step 19:

Boarding applicants for the Papine Campus are asked to

visit the Accommodations Unit before proceeding to

the Department of Safety and Security to process their


Step 20:

Collect your

Student Handbook

at the Campus nearest

to you.

You are now a registered Student of the University.