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Online Module Selection and Enrolment Steps

Step 1

: Log on to the university website .

Step 2

: Click on the ‘



Step 3

: Click on link

‘e:Vision Portal (Student Portal)’

Step 4

: Enter application/identification number for username and

enter your date of birth for your password.

Step 5

: Change your password.

Step 6

: Now on the student home page , click the icon ‘


Step 7

: On the Student Page, click on, ‘

Select your module’


located beneath the student action column.

Step 8

: Make your selection from the

specialized, non-


and electives groups. and submit

modules selected.

Note your class schedule.

Step 9

: Once satisfied, click ‘

Submit Selections’

then '



Step 10

: Select the link

‘Click here to view your fees’.

Step 11

: Exit from the system and pay your fees.

Completing Enrolment Procedures

(After payment of fees, it may take up to two working days for

financial clearance).

Step 12

: Return to the

Student Portal