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In order to facilitate payment at the bank, you will need the

following documents:

1. UTech’s Fee Breakdown Sheet (invoice) for tuition or

boarding, which will indicate the student’s name, ID number

and amount to be paid

2. Tuition and boarding must not be paid on the same deposit

voucher; two separate deposit vouchers are needed

The following information must be stated clearly on the deposit


1. UTech’s Account Number: 371360247 (JA$ payments) OR

371060375 (US$ payments)

2. Student’s Name

3. Student’s Identification Number

4. The amount being paid

5. The name of the person making the payment, which must be

written in the section “PAID IN By _____”

6. “UTech School Fee Payment” stated in the section

“ACCOUNT NAME____________”

7. Students are encouraged to retain all receipts for transactions

done at the University and at our external payment agencies

for future reference.