How to Upload Your Resume

After logging on to e:Vision:
  • Click on the Student tab at the top of the page to display the Student page.
  • In the Students Placements container, select ‘Student CV’.
The Student Curriculum Vitae Screen will be displayed. Here, you will see your personal details, work experience, miscellaneous and background information. You are only allowed to edit your work experience and background information.

Work Experience

  • Enter your job title
  • Select the (from) month from the drop-list.
  • Enter the year
  • Select (to) month from the drop-list
  • Enter the year
  • Enter the job description
–To add another work experience; click the ‘Add’ button. A blank work experience record will then appear for you to add your additional work experience.
–If you need to add more work experience records, repeat the process.
–To delete a work experience; click the ‘Delete’ button.

Background Information

You may enter information in the Achievements, Experiences, Interest and Hobbies, Career preferences, Final year project or Additional information sections.
  • Once you have finished updating your curriculum vitae, click on ‘Save Changes’.


Each student must add his/her skill(s) to the online curriculum vitae, in order for these skills to be matched with employer requests. To add or edit your skills, select the ‘Skills’ option.
  • From the skills drop-list, select the appropriate skill.
  • Click the ‘Level’ button and select the appropriate skill level.
  • Enter any additional information in the ‘Notes’ field.
–To add another skill; click the ‘Add’ button.
–To delete a skill; click the ‘Delete’ button.
–To complete the entry of your skills, click the ‘Save’ button.


This option allows students to specify their placement preferences. To add a preference:
  • Select a placement type (the discipline that you are interested in).
  • Select a placement area (the parish that you wish to be placed).
–To add another preference; click the ‘Add’ button.
–To delete a preference click the ‘Delete’ button.
–To complete the entry of preferences click the ‘Save’ button.
– To view your CV information; select the ‘Print Preview’ option.
–To view your academic qualification and your transcript details; select the ‘Education’ option.