Interview Checklist :: Interview Dont's

Interview Do's

The interview is probably the most important step in getting a job. In many cases, the interview is the first contact you will have with an employer. During the interview, the employer will try to assess your abilities and your attitude What you do –and don’t do- during the interview is just as important as being on time and answering questions correctly. The following list offers common sense guidelines for interviewing. These tips can also be used in other aspects of your job search.

  1. Do plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early. Use this time to allow for any unexpected traffic problems, to use the rest room, and to locate the office where your interview will be held.
  2. Do get a good night sleep the night before so you will be mentally alert for the interview.
  3. Do express enthusiasm! Smile and offer a firm handshake upon meeting the interviewer and other staff members. Speak clearly and directly, and vary the tone of your voice.
  4. Do remember and correctly pronounce the names of the people you meet or speak to over the telephone.
  5. Do use "please" and "thank-you" when appropriate.
  6. Do answer the interview questions completely. It’s perfectly fine to take a few seconds to think about your response.
  7. Do sit up straight and maintain good eye contact. Lean forward slightly in your chair to show sincere and polite interest in the job, as well as the interviewer.
  8. Do dress appropriately and appear well-groomed.
  9. Do practice answering difficult or personal questions.
  10. Do come alone. Don’t bring a friend or relative with you to the interview.
  11. Do get information about the company/organization ahead of time.
  12. Do sell your qualifications, rather than your need for the job.
  13. Do treat secretaries and receptionist politely- they are important allies.
  14. Do have some money with you. You may need to make a phone call or buy a beverage.
  15. Do listen to the interviewer. This will avoid asking questions that have been covered. Also, take time to clarify any questions you are asked that you don’t understand.
  16. Do indicate your interest in the job by saying, "I hope you will consider me for this job," or "I am very interested in this position because…"
  17. Do thank the interviewer and shake their hand when the interview is over.