Interview Checklist :: Interview Do's

Interview Dont's

  1. Don't forget to bring an extra resume and list of references to give to the employer.
  2. Don’t ask questions only about pay and benefits.
  3. Don’t act as if you have the job no matter what.
  4. Don’t interrupt. If you have a question, or need clarification, wait for a logical break in the conversation to speak.
  5. Don’t bring up personal matters (personal problems, financial matters or health issues). Instead focus on your qualifications for the job.
  6. Don’t criticize former employers or coworkers.
  7. Don’t give petty excuses such as: "The work was too hard," or "The people I worked were not very nice".
  8. Don’t be unaware of the effect you are having on the interview.
  9. Don’t chew gum, smoke, play with your hair, look out the window, or constantly adjust your clothes. These actions are a definite distraction.
  10. Don’t read any papers or handle any item on the interviewer’s desk.
  11. Don’t bring anything bulky to the interview such as books, a shopping bag or an overly large briefcase. As mall notebook and a pen for note taking is acceptable.
  12. Don’t be embarrassed by your nervousness, or continuously apologize for it.
  13. Don’t exaggerate or overplay your technical knowledge. Always be honest.
  14. Don’t look annoyed if you have to wait for an interviewer – others may be watching.
  15. Don’t sit down until you are invited to.
  16. Don’t place anything on the interviewer’s desk without asking permission first.
  17. Avoid expressions like, "Frankly speaking…" or "To tell you the truth". They may leave the interviewer with the impressions that there are times you aren’t honest.
  18. Don’t betray confidences of previous employers
  19. Don’t eavesdrop on conversations or telephone calls. Look around the room, you may find something interesting you wish to comment on.
  20. Don’t be passive and indifferent. Indecision in regards to career planning shows a lack of purpose and lack of goals.
  21. Don’t forget to stand up straight, make eye contact, smile and shake the interviews hand.
  22. Don’t forget to be yourself. Answer questions in an honest, open manner. Be brief but thorough, speaking distinctly. Be modest, but confident and you will shine!