Guidelines Governing Summer Work and Travel Programme

  1. Background
    The University in an effort to protect its students when they seek employment through Overseas Employment Agencies deems it necessary to create a framework within which they should operate. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to propose a policy framework by which the University will promote/support these Summer Work and Travel Programmes being advertised on the University’s campus.
  2. Definition of Summer Work and Travel Programme
    Summer Work Travel Programmes provide non United States post-secondary students an opportunity to become directly involved in the daily life of the people of the United States through travel and temporary work for a period of up to four months during their summer vacation.
  3. Responsibilities of Overseas Employment Agencies
    Each company is required to submit signed contracts with the University outlining the processes of their operations. Which should include the provision of accommodation, health benefits, and a cash allowance of (US$50.00) per week if the student remains unemployed after three weeks in the United States. The cost for accommodation should not be more than 30% of the monies earned on the programme and transportation must be provided upon arrival at the airport of destination. Companies are required to make payable to the University a fee of US$30,000.00 for the promotion of their company which will be done through the Career and Placement Unit. Agencies must be registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security before approaching the University for promotion. Employment Agencies wishing to promote on campus must have a complaint ratio of no less than 50:1 (one complaint for every fifty (50) students registered)
  4. Responsibilities of the Student
    Following are the responsibilities of the Student which is to:
    - Read contractual agreement carefully before signing and do the required research on the Agency.
    - Take a "Care Package" which should include: a supply of toiletries, snacks and tin foods to last for approximately 2 weeks.
    - Observe all laws and protocols in the United States or any other country they wish to seek employment.
  5. Responsibilities of the University
    Although the University recognizes the need for students to seek employment in an effort to finance their tertiary education the University is by no means sanctioning any claims or commitments made by these Overseas Employment Agencies and will not accept liability for any damage caused in the process. The onus lies with the student to research the chosen agency carefully before making a decision on the one that they will register with.