A network is a group of social and work acquaintances who know who you are and what you do or hope to do. It can include people from the most informal of setting, or formal business associates. Whether the members of your network are familiar to you on a close or more distant basis is of little importance. What is important is:

  • Your network is unique to you.
  • Your network can be expanded to meet your career needs
  • Your network will help you to understand the local career market much better that any resource you can examine in a library.
  • Your network will help you to begin establishing yourself in your chosen career.
  • Your network can be a way of visualizing yourself in your chosen profession.

It is not surprising that many times, there are individuals that we are acquainted with, working in our profession of interest. There are forgotten persons who could be come a part of your network such as:

  • Classmates/Roomates
  • Former Coworkers
  • Neighbours
  • People from places of worship
  • Coworkers
  • Social friends
  • Social club members
  • Fellow volunteers