Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme was launched in January 2001. Its a collaboration between the Student Services and Alumi Offices. Mentoring is a developmental programmme which facilitates an out-of-classroom learning experience, allows the students' to network with young professionals and build a professional one-on-one relationship.

Programme Overview

  • Clarify career goal.
  • Develop professionalism.
  • Strengthen relationship with Alumni Association.
  • Form linkages with professionals in the community.
  • Become members of professional organisations.


"I believe this is a good programme that UTech need to ensure it continues for the future. A lot of things can be learnt from this programmes from self-esteem, leadership qualities to professional development and long lasting friendships."

"This experience was lovely because my mentor called me and she also took me out. We kept in contact quite often and she also help with school related issues. She is very nice and she advised me in difficult situations. I would like to commend her for her excellent work."

"It is a great experience, as students like myself have gotten the opportunity to meet someone who is in the position that I am currently aspiring for. Also, I have gotten the opportunity meet other very important people through my mentor, and as a result I am already guaranteed a job as soon as I am finish in May. Also my mentor has been very helpful where some aspect of my school work is concerned, as he looked. Over some final year project work for me and gave suggestions. So overall I think it was a good experience and I would certainly encourage other students to participate as well as I would like to become a mentor for this program when I got out there (in the real world that is). I cannot think of any suggestions as I am satisfied with what I have received."