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Interview Checklist

Practice makes perfect! Before you ever go on an interview check lists to make sure you have covered all of your bases. Practice answering the questions that may be asked. Practice with a friend or family member, and in front of the mirror. The more comfortable you will become with the process. It is very important to present yourself to an employer in a way that will show that you will be a good worker. Employers conduct interviews to help them choose the person they think is best qualified for the job. A positive attitude is very important!

Ask yourself the following questions before you go to an interview:

  1. Do I know the person that I am interviewing with?
  2. Am I sure of the time, place, and location of the interview?
  3. Do I know I have copies of my resume and/or personal data sheet?
  4. Do I know what position I am interviewing for?
  5. Have I thought of some questions that I might be asked?
  6. Have I practiced interviewing with someone?
  7. Do I really want to work there?
  8. Have I thought of some questions that I might ask the employer?
  9. How is my appearance? (See the check list below).
  10. Is my hair clean and cut? Have I showered and used Deodorant?
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