Information for Employers

University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) attracts top students from Jamaica, the Caribbean and around the world. At UTech, students are seen as technically competent and work ready. UTech’s diverse environment fosters the intellectual flexibility, cross-cultural understanding and interpersonal skills necessary to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving workplace.

Online Job Posting

The Career and Placement Unit is pleased to offer online job posting for our valued employers. To access this, click on the link JOB FAIR and submit your request. Applicants will be able to submit their resumes directly to you by email or fax or the Career and Placement Unit will collect the resumes of interested candidates and send them to you directly.

Participate in Recruitment Fair
The Universitys' Career and Placement Unit hosts an annual Recruitment Fair on the last Friday in March, to bring our final year students face to face with prospective employers and entrepreneurial project sponsors. To participate complete the application form. If your are interested in participating in this event please contact us for further assistance .

Information Sessions

Employers are welcome to deliver information sessions on campus so as to sensitize students on available career options within your organization. If you would like to set up a session please contact the Career and Placement Unit at or via telephone at 512-2030 or 512-2267.

Partner with us

There are several ways in which employers will be able to partner with us to help students find their way in the world of work. They can:

  • Give students mock interviews
  • Participate as a presenter in one of our Employment Empowerment
  • Join the Career and Placement Unit Advisory Committee
  • Become a Utech Mentor
  • Set up a company scholarship or bursary
  • Sponsor our Career and Placement Fair or one of our Employment Empowerment Sessions

How to Apply for Placement Service

Submit Placement request at least four (4) days prior to the date that the résumé’s are required. (If it is an emergency, please let us know). Please supply us with:

  • The contact information for the company, including fax number and email address
  • The name of the company representative
  • The job being filled
  • The type of candidate required. E.g. degree, diploma, experienced

We would also like to know the preferred delivery method of the résumé’s, e.g. Fax, email or pick-up.