President Morrison Honoured by Kiwanis with Celebrating Excellence Award


Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ, President, University of Technology, Jamaica  (UTech) has  added another honour to his vast repertoire of accolades, with the “Celebrating Excellence” Award presented by the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston.  The service club recognized Prof. Morrison for his “outstanding scholastic and academic career,”  and for his life’s work in diabetes research and treatment, which has earned him international acclaim as a researcher and endocrinologist par excellence.

The Celebrating Excellence award made to Prof. Morrison was presented at a glitzy awards luncheon hosted by the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston  on Friday, June 1, 2012 at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel which was attended by a large gathering of business leaders.  The proceeds from the fundraising event will aid in the provision of an upgraded computer room and Learning Development Centre at the Holy Rosary Primary school. 

Prof. Morrison was among a group of five other outstanding Jamaicans who were also recognized for their contribution to nation building -   Kenneth Benjamin, CD, Hon. Karl Hendrickson, OJ, CD, Earl Jarrett, CD and Hon. Basil Barrington Watson, OJ, CD and the Hon.  R. Danny Williams, OJ,CD who received the club’s “Because you Care” Award.
These nation builders have joined a long and distinguished list of past awardees who have been so recognized since 1993.  The 2012 Celebrating Excellence awardees now have the distinction of being the first men to be so recognized by the all female Kiwanis Club.  President of the club, Ms. Sharon Williams, in her remarks thanked the awardees for their significant contribution to nation building and for “giving us so many reasons to celebrate excellence.”


The Citation presented to Prof. Morrison read as follows:
Celebrating Excellence
Citation presented to

Professor the Hon. Errol York St. Aubyn Morrison
“We are, what we repeatedly do …. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”. This quotation from Aristotle is a favourite of Professor the Hon. Errol York St. Aubyn Morrison, OJ.

This distinguished son of Jamaica has stamped his mark of excellence on an outstanding scholastic and academic career. An internationally acclaimed researcher and endocrinologist, Errol Morrison has changed the face of diabetes in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the World. To quote Professor Morrison “Diabetes has been my life’s work - he co-founded the Diabetes Association of Jamaica, Diabetes Association of the Caribbean, University of the West Indies Diabetes Outreach Programme, and he is Vice Chairman of the International Diabetes Federation, a worldwide alliance of over 200 diabetes associations in more than 160 countries representing over 170 million persons. Errol Morrison has been the recipient of several local and international awards of excellence for diabetes research, service in medical sciences, and to the wider community.

As President of the University of Technology, Professor Morrison’s drive to provide educational opportunity has resulted in the addition of new faculties, and a substantial increase in the annual graduating class. His vision is to “develop UTech’s institutional capacity to support the social and economic development of Jamaica, and ensure sustainability in spite of the Government’s declining subvention”. He wants to fulfil his “Burning Desire” to get the Stadium in the West for developing a model which would lead to a transformation in the approaches to education.

Who and what have driven Errol’s life? Professor Morrison recalls his self-assured, no-nonsense mother, Lucille Morrison, a teacher by profession, who instilled in him from an early age the importance of learning and being prepared. He recalls that he and his sister had to sit and read from 5:30 each morning as she prepared her lessons. He also acknowledges with pride the role played by his teachers at Excelsior High School. As he puts it, “those five years at Excelsior really made me what I am.” It was prophetic that he was nicknamed - “World Head” at school, as today, Prof. Morrison is a “World Head”, a global voice in his chosen fields of endeavour.

At 9 years old Errol was taken to Dr. John Golding to rectify his broken arm which had been previously poorly set and which left it painful and bent. He recalls Dr. Golding’s caring manner and kindness to him and he was so impressed that he told his mother then that he “wanted to be a doctor like Dr. Golding!”

Errol’s proudest achievements he described as the feeling of accomplishment experienced in helping people to understand diabetes so as to improve their quality of life; he also recalls his fulfilment from working in a clinic in Annotto Bay as a young doctor, and making a difference to the lives of the humble folk who showed their appreciation in a little school room, with a trophy they made themselves; and years later assembling relief supplies for the Green Hill coffee district after the ravages of Hurricane Gilbert. He advises young people to ‘challenge yourself to break new barriers’, ‘widen your perspectives on life,’ ‘play a team sport - it’s good for socializing’, ‘learning to collaborate - it’s good for anger control.’ He would also want to pass on the advice he was given, that ‘in climbing higher, always take others with you.’

Professor the Honourable Errol York St. Aubyn Morrison, OJ., distinguished son of Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world, renowned researcher, illustrious teacher and mentor, prominent endocrinologist, caring citizen, husband and father, the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston stands in awe of your many outstanding accomplishments. We salute you as a MAN OF EXCELLENCE.