About the School

The training of technical teachers began at CAST as a pilot project in 1971 when six students were accepted to pursue a three-year Technical Diploma Course in Mechanical Technology. In that same year, the Government of Jamaica submitted an application to C.I.D.A. for a loan to provide training facilities for Technical Teachers.

The outcome of this request was a memorandum of understanding between the government of Jamaica and the government of Canada. This memorandum made provision for a contribution by the Canadian government of some C$1,280,000 in grant aid and loan funds for the initiation of a Technical Teacher Education Programme at CAST.

In 1982, the Technical Education Department as it was then known, initiated its first Degree Programme- the Bachelor of Education in Business Education. Similar B.Ed. programmes were started in Home Economics in 1985 and in Industrial Technology in 1987.

In 1998 the Technical Education Department was renamed the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies which comprises the School of Technical and Vocational Education and the Department of Liberal Studies.