Message from Dr. Stuart Lewis

Message from Dr. Stuart Lewis
Former Chairman of the University of Technology, Jamaica Cultural Advisory Council

The role of Arts and Culture permeates all our lives, and is essential to our future and there is no better place to be so imbued as in the setting of a University of Technology.Congratulations on your achievements. Your growth and development is a magnificent contribution to the cultural and technological advancements of our community, country and humanity. We therefore look forward to the continued support of the public and private sectors here and abroad for their support of our mission.

Message from Professor George Lamming

“Education through Art has been the most neglected area of study in the region’s school curriculum…The result has been a disaster which now afflicts all our societies with multiple forms of deviant behaviour. There is abundant evidence that violence is often the exercise of an impoverished sensibility.So it is very joyful news that the University of Technology, Jamaica, through the creation of its Sculpture Park, is about to embark on the most fertile area of any learning process: the education of feeling. Artistic expression can enhance the meaning and purpose of any academic discipline, be it engineering, medicine, business, the social or cultural sciences. But the central and seminal value of the creative imagination is that it functions as a civilizing and humanizing force in the process of daily struggle. Art offers an experience through which feeling is educated; through which feeling is deepened; through which feeling can increase its capacity to accommodate a great variety of knowledge. 

Sculpture is an art which readily invites individual and group participation, and the park is a public space which confers on everyone a feeling of personal possession in an area of wider public ownership. In a time of great adversity this is good news. Therefore, we warmly congratulate the University of Technology, Jamaica, and say thanks for this example of educating our feeling in the belief that the Sculpture Park in Jamaica is a fertilizing artery of our regional Caribbean Park.” (Professor George Lamming)
(Professor George Lamming is a leading Barbadian novelist. He is also the recipient of the Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of the West Indies and the Companion of Honour – Barbados.)

 Message from Professor James Early

“I thought how wonderful that a university focused on technology would put in its centre a garden focused on art and creativity. We tend to think of technology and the arts as of opposite parts of the spectrum but they really are from the same space of dreaming.” (Professor James Early- the Folk Museum at the Smithsonian Institute).
(James Early is Director of Cultural Studies and Communication at the Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Since 1984, Mr. Early has served in various positions at the Smithsonian Institution, including Assistant Provost for Educational and Cultural Programs, Assistant Secretary for Education and Public Service, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Service, and Executive Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Public Service.)