Penalties for Non-Compliance

  1. A student will be deemed to be in arrears if:
    • Fees from previous years are unpaid (such a student will not normally be allowed to register).
    • An expected payment is not received on or before the due date.   
    • Any late fees or miscellaneous fees are unpaid.
  1. Students who are in arrears will be de-listed.
  2. Individuals attending class who have not registered, or who have been de-listed, are not students of the University for the semester in question.
  3. Students whose payments are late may be charged a late fee
  4. Delinquent students will not be eligible for Option B for the remainder of their course of study. Their fees must, be paid in full upon registration.
  5. Registered students who utilize any credit facility offered by the University and fail to pay the outstanding balances before examinations; will NOT be allowed to sit exams. Under such circumstances, full payment is expected for all modules selected and fees paid will not be refunded.
  6. The names of the students who fail to comply with their payment agreement as per registration may be published and/or sent to an external/ internal debt collector.
  7. Students who are in arrears will not be afforded normal student privileges, including access to the library services etc.