Financial Clearance

  1. Financial clearance will only be given after students have selected and confirmed their modules; and have paid the required fees in full (including any outstanding fees from previous semesters).
  2. SLB recipients, scholarship and sponsored students must pay the ancillary fees in full, in order to receive financial clearance.
  3. SLB recipients, scholarship and sponsored students must pay any amount in excess of the amount covered by their sponsor/donor, in order to receive financial clearance.
  4. The financial clearance process has now been automated; therefore students will not be required to visit the campus for “Financial Clearance”; as manual clearance will NOT be given.
  5. The Students Receivable Unit, in conjunction with the Enterprise Application Systems (EAS) Department, will be downloading data provided by the payment agencies and uploading that information to the students’ accounts, based on the payment records received, in order to facilitate automatic financial clearance.
  6. Students should refer to the Online Registration Guide, which outlines the steps for completing the enrolment process.
  7. Students will receive messages on the students’ portal, as well as text messages on their mobile phones, which will inform them of their registration status.
  8. Students are required to monitor their portal ‘In tray’ for messages regarding financial clearance. They are further urged to take note of the details of the messages and follow the recommended actions.
  9. If after two (2) clear working days following fee payment, a financial clearance message does not appear in the ‘In tray’, please contact Students Receivables Department immediately.
  10. The notification message you will receive in your in tray may include any of the following:
  • “You have been financially cleared . . .”
  • “You have not paid the requisite amount to be registered . . . The remaining balance must be settled to avoid penalties.
  • “Your financial status cannot be assessed because you have not confirmed your module selections.
  1. Students should pay special attention to the instructions displayed on the students’ portal which would indicate if there is a problem with a student’s registration and follow the recommended actions. You cannot be registered unless:
  • the requisite fees have been paid
  • your modules are confirmed
  • financial clearance is given electronically, based on your invoice and payment agreement.