The Entrepreneurship arm of the School of Graduate Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship [SGSRE] to help lead the University’s thrust for expanded income generation through entrepreneurial activities. The entrepreneurship leadership of the SGSRE focuses primarily on consultancy services delivered by staff, commissioned research, and grants from funding agencies. The School now manages a growing and diversifying portfolio of income-generating projects

Institutional Consultancy Unit

The University of Technology, Jamaica has established an Institutional Consultancy Unit (ICU) within the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship (SGSRE), to streamline the entrepreneurial thrust of the institution. Specifically, the ICU exists to leverage the varied expertise of the university’s over 450 academic staff members, complemented with that of external partners, as necessary, to provide customized consultancy services to clients, nationally and regionally, as well as to secure grant-funding for academic capacity building.