Dr. Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith, Director
Modern societies face many challenges and among them is the need to find solutions to problems, such as, minimising pollution and the effects of climate change, developing reliable clean energy technologies, improving the quality of manufactured products and controlling the spread of diseases. Solving these problems requires science-based research which generates new knowledge towards the development of innovative products and processes and for the training of new scientists to implement solution measures.

The Centre for Science-based Research, Entrepreneurship and Continuing Studies (CSRECS) is a consolidation of the activities geared towards the promotion of scientific research, entrepreneurship and continuing education at UTech. The Centre partners with the other units in the Faculty by providing focused attention and management to ensure success in research, coordinating and developing consultancy teams and new courses within the Faculty. We are the link between the Faculty and the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship (SGSRE), the UTech Academy, the Office of Distance Learning and other internal and external stakeholders.

Among the initiatives supported by the CSRECS are the Mathematics and Statistics Learning and Consulting Unit and three research laboratories: the Molecular Biology Laboratory for DNA Fingerprinting research, the Integrated Optics Research and Photonics Laboratory and a Natural Products Research Laboratory which were established with support from the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), USA, the UNDP Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program and the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, respectively.

The CSRECS will continue to seek out and promote new initiatives that will promote science and sport in the region and seek solutions to the problems facing Jamaica and the wider Caribbean through science-based research. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our units and offerings.