Faculty Staff

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Name Title Email
Barrett Shermaine Professor shbarrett@utech.edu.jm

Vice Dean

Name Title Email
Phillips Gareth Dr. gphillips@utech.edu.jm

Head of School- SoTaVE

Name Title Email
Martin Junior Dr. Junior.Martin@utech.edu.jm

Head of School- SHSS

Name Title Email
Jones McKenzie Clover Dr. clmckenzie@utech.edu.jm

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)

Name Title Email
Alao Maribel Ms. Maribel.Alao@utech.edu.jm
Anderson Chung Stephanie Mrs. sanderson-chung@utech.edu.jm
Angus-White Victoria Mrs. vwhite@utech.edu.jm
Barratt Kai Dr. kbarratt@utech.edu.jm
Berry Simone Ms. sberry@utech.edu.jm
Campbell Dawes Treseka Mrs. TCampbell-Dawes@utech.edu.jm
Crump Kericee Mrs. Kericee.Fletcher@utech.edu.jm
Dixon Clovia Ms. cdixon@utech.edu.jm
Facey Marilyn Ms. Marilyn.Facey@utech.edu.jm
Hall Sylvia Dr. sylvia.hall@utech.edu.jm
Josephs Beverley Mrs. bjosephs@utech.edu.jm
Lattibeaudaire Warrick Dr. WLattibeaudaire@utech.edu.jm
Lewis Balford Mr. blewis@utech.edu.jm
Lewis Henry Mr. hjlewis@utech.edu.jm
Lewis Rohan Anthony Dr. rlewis@utech.edu.jm
Lundy Esmine Mrs. elundy@utech.edu.jm
Nelson Kenisha Dr. KNelson@utech.edu.jm
Ocnacuwenga Clive Mr. clive.ocnacuwenga@utech.edu.jm
Rodriguez Schade Carmen Mrs. Carmen.Rodriguez@utech.edu.jm
Schade Martin Dr. Martin.Schade@utech.edu.jm
Shepherd Jerome Mr. Jerome.shepherd@utech.edu.jm
Smith Andrew Mr. Andrew.Smith@utech.edu.jm
Stewart-McKoy Michelle Mrs. mamckoy@utech.edu.jm
Telfer Daidrah Dr. daidrah.smith@utech.edu.jm
Thelwell Jamar Mr. jamar.thelwell@utech.edu.jm
Whyte Karl Dr. Karl.Whyte@utech.edu.jm
Williams Alicia Ms. aawilliams@utech.edu.jm

School of Technical and Vocational Education (SoTaVE)

Name Title Email
Abayomi Wasiu O. Mr. wasiu.abayomi@utech.edu.jm
Abdul Antoine Mr. aantoine@utech.edu.jm
Bartley Gelefer Ms. gbartley@utech.edu.jm
Carr Pearline Mrs. pcarr@utech.edu.jm
Clarke Leonie Dr. lclarke@utech.edu.jm
Ffrench Icilda Mrs. iffrench@utech.edu.jm
Hall Sharon Ms. shall@utech.edu.jm
Hughes Grace Ms. ghughes@utech.edu.jm
Lewis Everton Dr. elewis@utech.edu.jm
Mayne Hope Dr. hmayne@utech.edu.jm
McKenzie Jeniffer Mrs. jmckenzie@utech.edu.jm
Nathan Carol Dr. cjnathan@utech.edu.jm
Onyefulu Cynthia Dr. Conyefulu@utech.edu.jm
Palmer Courtney Mr. cpalmer@utech.edu.jm
Perriel-Clarke Cynthia Mrs. cclarke@utech.edu.jm
Pitter Granville Mr. gpitter@utech.edu.jm
Reid Dean Dr. DCReid@utech.edu.jm
Samuels Richard Mr. rsamuels@utech.edu.jm
Shaw Genevieve Mrs. gshaw@utech.edu.jm
Thomas-James Anita Mrs. ajames@utech.edu.jm
Wallder Stephen Mr. stephen.wallder@utech.edu.jm

Administrative Staff

Name Title Email
Campbell Claudine Ms. cecampbell@utech.edu.jm
Jarrett Rushana Ms. rjarrett@utech.edu.jm
Lake Carolene Ms. CLake@utech.edu.jm
Miller Ann-Marie Ms. ann-marie.miller@utech.edu.jm
Miller Dahlia Ms. DLMiller@utech.edu.jm
Pencle Grizzle Patrice Mrs. ppenclegrizzle@utech.edu.jm
Perkins Claudene Ms. Claudene.Perkins@utech.edu.jm
Pitt-Smith Pauline Mrs. Pauline.Pitt@utech.edu.jm
Scott Marcia Ms. Marcia.Scott@utech.edu.jm
Stone Jheniel Ms. jlstone@utech.edu.jm
Thomas Detha Ms. dmthomas@utech.edu.jm
Thomas Finlay Heather Mrs. hfinlay@utech.edu.jm

Technical Staff

Name Title Email
Burkett Albert Mr. aburkett@utech.edu.jm
Harris Namiko Mr. namiko.harris@utech.edu.jm
McBeam Nicola Ms. nicola.mcbeam@utech.edu.jm
Ramsay Ephraim Mr. eramsay@utech.edu.jm
Samuels Shane Mr. shane.samuels@utech.edu.jm
Thomas Megan Ms. megan.thomas@utech.edu.jm