Dean's Message

Rohan Lewis

Welcome to the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies (FELS), the Faculty at the heart of academic endeavours at UTech, Jamaica. I say the Faculty is at the heart of academic endeavours at UTech, Jamaica because the courses and modules we offer have a direct link to whatever else is taught at the university. The teachers we train in the School of Technical and Vocational Education (SOTAVE) in Mechanical Technology, Electrical Technology, Business Studies, Computer Studies, and Family and Consumer Studies end up teaching the students who feed most of the other courses of studies at the institution. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) delivers the modules in languages (Academic Writing, French, Japanese, and Spanish) and Social Sciences (Ethics, Human Sexuality, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology) that complement the specialisations taught in other colleges and faculties at the university.

This feature of the Faculty is one of which we are especially proud, as it makes FELS a point of articulation in the educational offerings at UTech, Jamaica. In this sense, we see ourselves as the glue that holds UTech, Jamaica together. We are also proud of our track record as trainers of a new, forward looking and entrepreneurial generation of communication and media practitioners. In graduate studies, we are at the forefront of the institution’s recent achievement of successfully graduating doctoral candidates.

Notwithstanding our standing and successes, we now see the need to set sail for new horizons. The changing teacher training environment, and the growing importance of technologies linked to the creative industries, have located us within a new educational paradigm. We fully understand the challenges of the new context and are ready to take advantage of new opportunities and forge new partnerships that will strengthen our output as a unit within the university.

SOTAVE is now developing for delivery, new non-teacher training courses of study as well as professional technical training in both teacher training and non-teacher training areas. In the SHSS, we are consolidating the work of the Language Technology and Research Centre through the pursuit of research focusing on the language education needs of Jamaica and how these can be filled, with emphasis on the application of technology through the development of a Virtual Self-Access Centre.

As a Faculty, we stand ready to provide you with a platform, a catwalk, or a soapbox to instruct, strut your stuff or communicate your ideas. We await the pleasure of seeing you mature into confident professionals who have an entrepreneurial and citizenship-oriented attitude to life, and a sense of duty to, and respect for the world, knowing that it is yours to benefit from but also to care for and shape as global citizens.

I thank you sincerely for choosing to make your journey with us and wish you a successful career!

Rohan A. Lewis, Ph.D.
Tel: 927-1680-8, Ext 2419