Grade Forgiveness Application Form

Grade Forgiveness (GF) is the opportunity for a student to redo a module in which a grade of “C-” or lower was received and earn a grade that will be substituted for the previous grade. The new grade will then be computed in the student’s GPA in place of the most recently earned grade. Both grades will remain in the student’s record, but the previous grade will be designated with a “GF.” If a module has been taken more than once prior to the application for grade forgiveness, forgiveness can only be used to replace the most recent grade. Grade forgiveness is limited to a maximum of 12 credits in an undergraduate degree, 9 credits in a diploma, 6 credits in an associate, and 3 credits in a certificate course of study (including transfers within UTech, Ja); and may not be used twice for the same module. If the original module is no longer offered, a substitute or an equivalent module that is approved by the College/Faculty may be used.

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