The Office of the Customer Service Advocate opened its doors to the University community in August 2010 as a direct initiative of the university to improve the standard of customer service to all stakeholders. We define a customer as anyone who we have to interact with in the course of our business (our primary customers being our students).
To assist our customers in finding their way around campus, a “Papine Campus Guide” was created. This serves as a directional map to all areas on campus. This guide has building numbers and legends (easy to read/user friendly); with this you can become familiar with a number that is associated with each Faculty/College. We have inserted the University Core Values, and Customer Statement by which customer service activities will be guided.
A Customer Service Charter was developed as an explicit statement by the university which guarantees its customers of quality service.

The Office of the Customer Service Advocate is dedicated to ensure that the various processes and procedures are followed in order to expedite all students’ quires in a timely manner and as such we encourage you to follow the procedures for making complaints, this can be seen at the back of the student handbook.
We crave for your feedback which is important to us. In this regard, we have strategically placed forty (40) Customer Service Suggestion Boxes on all campuses and sites of the university. We have also created a student’s blog where you can become an active follower by responding to the numerous questions in which we solicit answers from you. The blog link can be accessed from the Student Portal as well as on the Students Union webpage. We recommend that you use these avenues to voice your concerns and make recommendations, as we continue to strive towards the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Office of the Customer Service Advocate
University of Technology, Jamaica 235-237 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Telephone: Main Telephone: 975846/ 927-1680-8 Ext. 2846 & 2844 / 618-1152
Toll free:1-888-991-5130 Fax: (876) 977-6645