Message from Vice President, Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship

Prof. Gossett Oliver
Vice President, Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship

I am pleased that you have chosen the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) as the place to continue your education. Our mission is to promote life-long learning, personal development and service to the community. The University is at a crucial point in its history where it aims to contribute to national growth and development by soliciting answers to some of the societal problems facing our nation, through graduate studies and applied research.

In April 2007 the University established the ‘virtual’ School of Graduate Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship (SGSRE), to replace the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS). The SGSRE is committed to ensuring that graduate courses are of an excellent standard. In addition, SGSRE is poised to provide support in research and publication, and is one of the University’s income-generating centres.

It is my strong belief that graduate research in all disciplines is crucial to the development of a vibrant economy and to the world at large. It produces the cadre of professionals necessary to build industry, government and educational institutions as well as entrepreneurship, which in turn boost national and regional development.

In our efforts to expand the boundaries of knowledge and confirm the importance of graduate study at the University, we have identified strategies to respond to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. These include entrepreneurial ventures based on needs assessment and research, research fellowships, identifying and supporting focused research areas specific to the University’s goals, performance monitoring, as well as providing linkages among graduate studies, research and consultancy.

I implore you to discover the exciting opportunities for training with people of varied backgrounds, experiences and intellectual interests here at UTech, and assure you that we are committed to ensuring that this institution meets both your present and future academic needs.